Videos are getting more and more popular online as people are continuing to get more used to streaming video services. With most modern cell phones and networks now able to stream videos reliably to mobile devices, and Facebook moving to auto-playing newsfeed videos by default on their IOS app and other platforms, having a good video that reach out and immediately touch somebody emotionally is critical for good business. YouTube by itself is one of the biggest search engines in the world. However, most online videos are crappy.

If you think back to the late 90s, when the internet really started blowing up and growing in popularity, you’ll remember that many websites that first started displaying pictures added low quality pictures that weren’t well done at all. This continues even to this day for some small businesses. The modern equivalent to this is boring, bad YouTube videos with low production values. If your business fits this description, you’re in trouble.

Creating a high quality video takes a lot of work. You need to plan it out. You need to light it. You need to film it and then edit it. This is hard work. Most businesses want the simple shortcut to success – they use a service to buy Facebook likes to essentially try and buy popularity. But the rewards come in the long term from creating high quality stuff that people want to share on their own. Videos are getting even more important just because of short video services like Vine and Instagram, so the need to create lots of high quality content is certainly there.